Summer Camp 2022

Brightleaf is having summer camp every other week of summer 2022!

Summer camp will start June 6th and will be offered every other week.

Camp Dates: June 6th-10th, June 20th-24th, July 11-15th, July 25th-29th and Aug 1st-5th

Summer camp times are 9a-2p

Summer camp costs include drinks, snack, lunch and all crafts.

Summer camp sessions cost $475 per camper. There will be a discount for multiple sessions that are prepaid along with siblings.

Contact or Heather 919-949-7386 to get registered.

Easter Camp 2022

Easter camp at Brightleaf will start April 11th and run through Thursday April 14th. No camp on good Friday!!

Easter camp times are 9a-2p.

Camp costs include drinks, snack, lunch and all crafts.

Easter camp cost $350 per camper. There will be a discount for multiple sessions that are prepaid along with siblings. Contact or Heather 919-949-7386 to get registered.

July & August Camp 2020

July 6th-July 10th , July 20th-24th and August 3rd-7th 2020

Independence Day Camp!! ( July 6th-10th) You don’t want to miss out on this camp for sure! No worries that we are starting after the 4th.. We will still be celebrating our America’s birthday at Brightleaf! This camp will be full of water works on horseback along with fun crafts and games. As all our camps are riding camps, we will continue our skill sets and improve our horse husbandry.

July 6th-10th camp is Warriors Camp at Brightleaf. We will become riding warriors. This will be a fun camp of crafts and lots of bravery!

August 3rd-7th camp is Exploring Camp at Brightleaf. We will be hiking on foot and hoof in the trails of Brightleaf. This fun camp we will build a Teepee! We of course will incorporate our horses in this fun as well!! Our creative minds will run wild!

There will be limited space for campers, so sign up ASAP. This camp will require a change of clothes, shoes and a towel.

Campers age 4-12

Camp time 9a-2p, with an option for late pick up $20 per day ( no later than 6p please)

Camp cost $325 Includes all drinks, snacks, crafts and lunch

Spring Break Camp 2020

April 6th-9th 2020

Spring Break Camp is the first big camp of the year!! It also is the most fun! Camp will start Monday April 6th and end on Thursday April 9th ( *The horses are resting for good Friday*) Campers will work on the Brightleaf garden this week. I wonder what we will plant this year? Come and be a part of our growth and fun! This is a riding camp so campers will be learning to groom, saddle and ride their horse. There is limited space. Only thing needed is a change of clothes.

Campers age 4-12

Camp time 9a-2p, with an option for late pick up $20 per day ( no later than 6p please)

Camp cost $300 Includes all drinks, snacks, crafts and lunch

President’s Day Camp 2020

Monday February 17th, 2020

President’s Day is right around the corner and the kids are out of school! What better day to spend than on the farm riding horses. Brightleaf campers will learn about our founders as well as their trusty mounts! Camp is 9a-4p with the option for late pickup. Day camp cost $85 and includes all drinks, snacks and crafts along with a pizza lunch! Just bring a change of clothing and extra shoes. We provide everything else!! This is a riding camp, so campers will be grooming, learning to saddle, ride and how to take care of their horse. Each camper will have their own horse, so there is limited space.

Extras: * Late pick up $5 per day, no later than 6p as the horses go to bed at 6:30

*Deposit to hold camper spot $20

Payton’s Pony Party!


Payton turned 3 this past weekend and boy did we celebrate!  Friends from all over came to party with Payton on her special day!



The sound of laughter filled the air as Payton and her friends jumped high in the trampoline.


14449988_433073086862945_6769109301474602865_n    2016-10-02-14-52-10

The horses were all ready to take the Birthday girl and her passengers on a fun pony ride!

14495314_433164270187160_455470520277217800_n   2016-10-02-14-46-10-2

Of course it isn’t a party without food!  Steven grilled hot dogs & hamburgers and after lunch the kiddos got to make their own Ice Cream Sundaes!!!

2016-10-02-14-52-28-2  2016-10-02-14-54-20

We hope you had a wonderful birthday party Payton, we surely did enjoy  celebrating with you!

2016-10-02-14-56-27-1-2   2016-10-06_10-58-10

If you would like to schedule your child’s party here at Brightleaf Stables check out our Pony Parties page for more information and to reserve your special event today!

Check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures of Payton’s Pony Party!

Homemade Horse Treat Toy!

Did you know that horses are naturally curious creatures?  When a horse is a young foal they discover the world by using their curiosity instincts.  When a horses senses are stimulated they react to the source of stimulation.  Initially a horse may respond to stimulus with fear (they are prey in the wild after all) but once they know that the stimulus is not a danger they will explore the source.

Horses that are able to ignite their natural sense of curiosity and playfulness are often happier and more fulfilled.

2016-07-30 10.19.56

Here at Brightleaf Stables we love to keep our horses stimulated.  Here’s a look into our latest homemade treat toy which provides a perfect source for fun.

What you’ll need:
-Plastic Milk Jug



Step 1: Clean the milk jug out thoroughly
Step 2: Cut small X shapes all around the milk jug (ask an adult for help with this step)
Step 3: Insert carrots into the holes
Step 4: Tie a string on the handle of the jug.
Step 5: Find a good place to hang the treat toy
Step 6: Watch your horse(s) curious nature explore and play!

2016-07-30 10.21.37-1       2016-07-30 10.22.04

2016-07-30 10.59.38         2016-07-30 11.00.11-1



Brightleaf Stables Hits the Show Ring!

It 3913 (1)was quite an eventful weekend here at Brightleaf Stables as it was the first time our very own Chandler hit the show ring!  Chandler, Alona, and Julie worked all week prepping for the show, practicing and riding daily.  Saturday was a scorching hot day with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees.  Heather got up early and prepped Chief “Tony” for show day.  We all know how much Heather loves to bathe her ponies and she spent ample time scrubbing and grooming him to shine like a pretty penny!  There was a quick trip to the store to make sure Chandler was dressed to impress in the ring.  Julie and Alona (both pros at the this) were rocking with both of their horses Summer and Vegas also bathed, groomed, and ready!  With all 3 horses loaded up we hit the roads to the show ring.

The show was a Central Carolina Western Horsemanship Association (CCWHA) event held in Roxboro at the Person County Saddle Club.  Julie had all the bells and whistles with a nice tent, a much needed fan, and chairs to boot!  Heather made sure to pack lots of drinks and chips and cheese dip (which quickly got consumed).  We took time to review the show schedule and selected the classes they were going to compete in.  Chandler, Alona, and Julie saddled up the horses and began warming up for the events.


There was quite a crowd to cheer on Brightleaf Stables as we were joined by many friends.


We took home several ribbons on Saturday including Blues and Yellows!  We are proud of you Chandler and Alona!

It was a fun time and quite a learning experience for those of us who are new to the horse showmanship world.  We are looking forward to the next one!

Check out our Photo Gallery for more pictures from Brightleaf Stables First Show!

Brightleaf Beach Bums!


Last week we packed up our bags and made the journey to the beach – and Oh what fun we had!


Harkers Island is Steven’s old stomping grounds – with a population of just over 1200 residents, the island makes a perfect little getaway.  Heather describes the island as your timeless southern charm town.  Most residents ride bikes around the island, doors are never locked, and granny will come out on the porch and keep the kiddos in line.  You will surely get an arm workout waving hello back to passerbys.



Just a short drive down Harker Island Road is a launch site where you can make a short boat trip into the Back Sound to head toward Shackleford Banks.  Shackleford Banks is a barrier island located in the southern most point of the Cape Lookout National Seashore.  It is the home of more than 100 wild horses.  While no one knows for sure how the horses ended up on the island – it is hypothesized these descendants of Spanish Mustangs survived (and thrived) after a shipwreck sometime in the 1500’s.  Check out the Foundation for Shackleford Horses Facebook Page for more information on the great organization that preserves and protects these beautiful creatures.


We had the rare opportunity of seeing the newest addition to the Shackleford Bank herd.  A foal no more than a few weeks old, bathed in the afternoon sun.



We visited several other nearby islands as well including Beaufort and Morehead City – where we ate some good food at the Sanitary Fish Market & Seafood restaurant.


Steven and Chandler caught some fish!

13659013_1743344569259496_824170918624480778_n      13606463_1743344269259526_272650387519900122_n

We had quite a few visitors come join us at the beach house this week and I think it’s safe to say that we all had a great time!

From the Brightleaf Beach Bums to you – we hope you are having a happy summer friends!

13641255_937412763048272_7612467949176372877_o   13627084_10100855749563417_4952544464218044452_n

We are heading home…


Check out more pics from our trip in the Photo Gallery – Brightleaf Beach Bums

Sunflower Power!

Brightleaf Stables sunflowers are in full bloom here on the farm!  They have grown to 8 feet tall and counting!  Come check them out and say hi to our horses!


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