Homemade Horse Treat Toy!

Did you know that horses are naturally curious creatures?  When a horse is a young foal they discover the world by using their curiosity instincts.  When a horses senses are stimulated they react to the source of stimulation.  Initially a horse may respond to stimulus with fear (they are prey in the wild after all) but once they know that the stimulus is not a danger they will explore the source.

Horses that are able to ignite their natural sense of curiosity and playfulness are often happier and more fulfilled.

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Here at Brightleaf Stables we love to keep our horses stimulated.  Here’s a look into our latest homemade treat toy which provides a perfect source for fun.

What you’ll need:
-Plastic Milk Jug



Step 1: Clean the milk jug out thoroughly
Step 2: Cut small X shapes all around the milk jug (ask an adult for help with this step)
Step 3: Insert carrots into the holes
Step 4: Tie a string on the handle of the jug.
Step 5: Find a good place to hang the treat toy
Step 6: Watch your horse(s) curious nature explore and play!

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