Brightleaf Stables Hits the Show Ring!

It 3913 (1)was quite an eventful weekend here at Brightleaf Stables as it was the first time our very own Chandler hit the show ring!  Chandler, Alona, and Julie worked all week prepping for the show, practicing and riding daily.  Saturday was a scorching hot day with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees.  Heather got up early and prepped Chief “Tony” for show day.  We all know how much Heather loves to bathe her ponies and she spent ample time scrubbing and grooming him to shine like a pretty penny!  There was a quick trip to the store to make sure Chandler was dressed to impress in the ring.  Julie and Alona (both pros at the this) were rocking with both of their horses Summer and Vegas also bathed, groomed, and ready!  With all 3 horses loaded up we hit the roads to the show ring.

The show was a Central Carolina Western Horsemanship Association (CCWHA) event held in Roxboro at the Person County Saddle Club.  Julie had all the bells and whistles with a nice tent, a much needed fan, and chairs to boot!  Heather made sure to pack lots of drinks and chips and cheese dip (which quickly got consumed).  We took time to review the show schedule and selected the classes they were going to compete in.  Chandler, Alona, and Julie saddled up the horses and began warming up for the events.


There was quite a crowd to cheer on Brightleaf Stables as we were joined by many friends.


We took home several ribbons on Saturday including Blues and Yellows!  We are proud of you Chandler and Alona!

It was a fun time and quite a learning experience for those of us who are new to the horse showmanship world.  We are looking forward to the next one!

Check out our Photo Gallery for more pictures from Brightleaf Stables First Show!

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