Sunflower Power!

Brightleaf Stables sunflowers are in full bloom here on the farm!  They have grown to 8 feet tall and counting!  Come check them out and say hi to our horses!


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Ghost & Sport – Brightleaf Stables Horse Training


Ghost and Sport, two beautiful Arabian brothers, arrived at Brightleaf Stables in late May.  Both horses were skittish and shied away from human contact.  Steven and Heather worked with them for weeks.  Over a short period of time they learned to trust and respond to people.  Steven’s tireless efforts and patience yielded amazing progress in these cautious creatures.





Ghost is curious and playful.  He is a beautiful dapple grey with the signature Arabian confirmation.



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Over the past few weeks Ghost has learned to approach when signaled and has become almost effortless to catch.  He responds to directional cues, can stand tied, and now has a stable groundwork foundation.  Steven introduced Ghost to saddle and bridle and when Ghost was ready Heather and her years of horsemanship and confidence rode on his back for the first time.

Check out some videos of Heather riding Ghost:
Riding Ghost – Video 1 (first time on his back)
Riding Ghost – Video 2 (first solo ride)




Sport is much more cautious and inquisitive.  Finding what motivates and drives Sport took a bit more time because he is not food motivated in the least.  He is a gentle soul and is extremely smart.













Sport takes some time to warm up to you, but once he does he is ready to work.  He knows what his job is and is willing to do so when he’s being handled by a confident individual.  He has also been introduced to the saddle.  Steven and Heather will continue to work with him, and I for one look forward to seeing his continual progress!

It’s a Brightleaf World!

Hello to all friends and future friends and welcome to Brightleaf Stables webpage.  Brightleaf Stables was established over 17 years ago and we are excited to begin a new adventure.  Over the past few years we have opened our gates to service the Triangle with all things equine and now we want to share our passion and love for horses with you.  We are first and foremost a family barn and welcome all to be a part of this “down home” dynamic.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of our services on our webpage.  We encourage you to check back frequently as some of our pages may still be under construction.  If you have any questions or would like more information don’t hesitate to give us a call at 919.949.7386. Feedback is always welcome and can be provided via our contacts page.