A September to Remember at Brightleaf Stables!

September started off with a bang this year at Brightleaf Stables!  The past two weeks we sure have been busy making memories, welcoming new friends, and celebrating big!



This month we welcomed a new addition to the Brightleaf herd!  Luna Diamond in the Sky is a beautiful Grulla Dun factor mare who has a sweet demeanor and a quarter horse build that’s brag worthy!  Stay tuned for a post on Luna in the near future and be sure to come on out and meet her yourself – you’ll see her out on the trails and looking for treats.



Brightleaf’s very own Willow turned 1 year old on September 5th.  Did you know that Brightleaf’s Weeping Willow was born right here at Brightleaf Stables?  We honored this beautiful girl with cake and fun!

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Labor Day weekend sure was a great time!  Our friends over at Sly Fox Stables joined us for a cookout and trail ride.  We even had some first time visitors to the farm and of course more food than your stomach could possibly handle!

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Heather participated in her first show and won 4th in Halter with Luna Diamond in the Sky!  With the help of Julie she was spiffed up to the nines in her jeans, button up shirt, scarf, and hat to boot!  We couldn’t be more proud of Heather and her ribbon win!



This past weekend two of our boarders Julie and Jennifer celebrated their Birthday’s Brightleaf style.  Steven manned the grill and cooked up some salmon, crab cakes, and kabobs a nice compliment to Heather’s salad and homemade ranch dressing, Christi’s Dip and Potatoes, and of course CAKE!


Speaking of Birthday’s did you know that Brightleaf Stables offers Pony Party packages?  If you are looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate a special event or birthday visit our Parties & Ponies page for more information and contact us today to reserve your special event!


Check out our photo gallery for more pics from our September to Remember!  We are having fun on the farm and wish you were too!


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