October Boarder Spotlight – Lucy

image-6Name:  Lucy
Registered Name: Irish Fantasy
Owner: Sharesa Spiker
Age: 20
Breed: Registered Irish Draft Sporthorse
Brightleaf Boarder Since: September 2016
Favorite Treats: Carrots, mints, and more CARROTS!
Barn Nickname: Lucy, or if she has misbehaved “Lucille”

In May 2007, after searching for more than a year for a careful, safe and sound eventing partner, Sharesa Spiker finally found “Lucy”.  Lucy was born to jump. When she is on a cross country course she knew her job and boldly navigated and protected Sharesa around many cross country courses! 
Trainers, who have competed as equestrians in the Olympics, have exclaimed what a pleasure it is to watch Lucy on a course. Lucy and Sharesa competed in dressage, combined training, and  eventing.  Together they have  participated in polocrosse, numerous clinics, and Horse Versatility programs over the years.
Unfortunately, Lucy developed a lameness which required surgery in 2011. Despite only a 30% chance of ever being rideable again, Lucy was rehabilitated with infinite patience, love and care from Sharesa.  Along with the help of Neuse River Veterinarians Drs. Jim and Bob Meyers, horseshoer Jonathon Compton, and equine rehabilitation specialist Ginger Long, Lucy returned to 100% soundness!
Lucy is now 20 years “young”, so she is no longer competing, but with Sharesa on board Lucy can still complete a relaxed and forward dressage pattern and boldly gallop cross-country!  Currently, Lucy has happily adapted to a non-competitive life and Sharesa and Lucy primarily trail ride and  join in Hunter Paces.
Lucy has  thrived in her move to Brightleaf Stables and promptly fell in love Jack, the donkey. We look forward to many more years of trail rides, head rubs, and hugs with Lucy!
Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures of Lucy!

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