April Boarder Spotlight – Cadillac

Name: Cadillac (Cadi)
Owner: Frachele Scott
Age: 16
Birthday: March 18, 2001
Breed: Paint
Color: Solid Black
Pedigree: Georgia Skips Lady Cheyanne out of PF Golden Eagle and The Right Turn
Brightleaf Resident Since: November 2016
Funny Fact: Cadillac pulled an EPIC April Fools prank on everyone at Brightleaf Stables.  Earlier in March Cadi “bagged up” – meaning her teats enlarged and she started producing milk.  A sure sign that she was with foal!  After plenty of shocked reactions and cheers we made her comfortable and anxiously awaited delivery.  On April 1st the vet came out and checked her through and through and that’s where the joke was on us – the vet confirmed that Cadillac was not pregnant after all!  Silly mare just wanted some extra TLC and special treatment!

“I’ve always driven Ford Mustangs, but the day I found myself riding a Cadillac, everything changed. The first time I mounted Cadi, as she is affectionately known, she took off! I didn’t have a good seat and slipped in my saddle , she rounded a barrel at about 60 mph, and “whoa” was understood as a suggestion, not an instruction. Obviously, she wasn’t actually going that fast, but it felt that way. We made our way back to the mounting block for corrections, but I was hooked. Riding on the back of Cadillac was just as exhilarating as hitting the gas in my Mustang. That first ride was just a few months ago, but I fell for that mare immediately.

Watching her run with her herd is breathtaking; when she shows off in the round pen with trainer Steven Holder, my mouth drops open in awe; and when she is totally relaxed when we have “spa days” and just groom and graze, it’s good for both our souls. The best moments, however, are when she stops grazing in the pasture and just comes to me–no tricks and no treats. She comes because she wants to. Sure, I’ve had a doozy of a time catching this horse in the past, but I’d like to think she knows now she is safe with me. She might even halfway like me; so she comes without complaints.

My girl and I board at Brightleaf Stables. She has a custom – built corner unit called the CadiShack. Her neighbors are young Willow and Corona. Her stable BFF is Nike, but she can be found socializing with everyone in the Brightleaf barn family–from the puppy to the donkey. She’s a big girl, strong and smart, but don’t be intimidated. Her eyes tell you everything you need to know about her.”

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